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Experience incredible moments with the tantric massage London

The demanding standards of these modern times drive us to be better, to work harder and make bigger sacrifices in order to get what we want.  We all want to be happy and we chase this dream every day, every minute, but never stop to see at the beautiful and simple things in life that can bring so much joy. This constant struggle and hustle and the restless fight for happiness can sometimes leave emotional scars on our body and soul and then we need to seek a sanctuary where to relax and escape all the stress, and then we get to experience moments of pure bliss that can help us see things more clearly.

With the erotic massage parlour Jade every second at our massage salon magical. Used since ancient times as a method of recreation, but also for its therapeutic effects massage is a great way to relax and de-stress and release all the tension in the muscles. A massage gives you the relaxation you need, but also helps with the energy levels and that very precious balance in our body that helps us function properly and keeps our tonus high. There are also numerous medical applications of the massage, as some types of massage have been used in the Chinese traditional medicine for the treatment of various health problems. Up to our days there are massages haven proven to be beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestion problems, back and joints pain, headaches, muscle soreness and many more.

The tantric massage London is a more special type of massage, as it’s inspired by the very passionate and sensual techniques described by the Kama Sutra, which mimic the interaction between two lovers in their special union, mixed with breathing techniques from yoga, making it a very relaxing and quite incredible massage. You will more than amazed to discover this very special type of massage with our very skilled massage therapists, highly trained and specially groomed to meet even the highest demands and make your experience memorable and worth every penny.

The tantric massage London is very sensual because it takes you in a self-discovering journey, as all your senses will be heightened and you will become more aware of your body and more present, which will make everything feel even more intense. One of the most popular tantric massages is the yoni or lingam massage, terms that represent that female and male sexual organs; the yoni and lingam massage is extremely intimate as it focuses on the sexual organs and on getting relaxation through sexual release.

The massage start slow, with delicate and well place touches and arousal is slowly increased, so the moment of climax is so much more powerful, by achieving sexual satisfaction. Although this is a very sexual massage, achieving climax is not the goal, but the relaxation and the restoration of the energy balance by using sexual release. Another tantric massage is the nuru massage, originating from Japan, the land of the beautiful geishas. The nuru massage is performed by a naked massage by using a very special type of oil that is organic, made of sea weed, which makes everything very slippery and very sensual.  A very playful and beautiful masseuse will take care of your every need and your massage session will be suited to best fit your needs, as you will discover the exotic and mind blowing tantric massage under her very talented hands......


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